Sunday Morning Apple Pancakes

Church doesn’t start until 10:30am.

That gives us lots of time (we get up toooo early) to drink coffee and make a breakfast that’s different from the ones we enjoy during the school week.


We’ve enjoyed apples since September and have eaten them lots of different ways.

The girls asked for pancakes.

While I was reaching in the fridge to grab the creamer for my 4th cup of Joe,  I spot 2 big apples that need to be eaten.

I decide to hide them in the pancakes and you know what.


I used the box pancake mix and added milk instead of water. I sprinkled in cinnamon, and dipped my sliced honey crisps in the batter. I fried em in canola oil for 2 mins on each side. We drizzled em with cinnamon syrup.

It was easy, tasted good and breakfast seemed a little fancy  this cold fall morning.

Enjoy, Amy

Oh and PS. Don’t judge 😉


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