A Pilgrim Party

I wish I was in 2nd grade again. How fun to learn about the 13 colonies, eat a snack mid morning and dress up like a Pilgrim or an Indian for the day.

get-attachment (5)-001

My middle’s amazing teacher invited me to help with A Pilgrim Party.


I was tasked with the craft so I quickly pulled up Pinterest. I’ve been staying away from that site the last few months because it’s like a time vortex. I would go on there in the afternoon to look around and maybe pin a few things and before you know it the kids and the hubs were walking in the door and expecting dinner. I had pinned some delicious looking meals, does that count?

I decided that the craft would be something the kids could eat. Nothing to take home and put on the fridge but an adorable, tasty treat to put in their tummy’s.

These are what I picked for us to “attempt”

Sister Sara had made the cornucopia for her boys school snack and they turned out great. Easy, peasy right?


I got fudge striped cookies for the Pilgrim hat’s base, orange frosting, rolo’s (it’s a peanut free classroom, otherwise a mini reeses would look much better) for the hat’s pipe and an orange tic tac for the buckle.

Of course when you let 6, 7 & 8 year olds make them they have a ball but they don’t look like the picture. 😉


I got so into helping the mini pilgrims and indians make the cornucopias that I forgot to snap some pics of them being made.

After the snack I headed down to the gym to decorate. The teachers parents and husband prepared lunch. Chicken noodle soup, butter and rolls, chocolate chip cookies and brownies. An all kid favorite meal.

After we ate the parents and Grandparents were welcomed up to the chapel for a program by the children. I knew this would be high on the “awww” factor.



IMG_0097-002I hope you are enjoying your little pilgrims and Indians this season.

Taking it all in, Amy

6 thoughts on “A Pilgrim Party

  1. I certainly don’t wish I was back in second grade;but I sure do miss the fact that my boys aren’t. I miss all the craft stuff. And making apple and pumpkin pies for them on Thanksgiving Eve. Great post.

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