The Christmas Miracle, a FREE GIVE AWAY

It was the night before Christmas, 1983

Christmas Miracles happen, just never to me.

Twas blessed with a new baby sister the month before

My dad was layed off, we were cash poor.

The tele would play toy commercials galore,

I dreamed and I wept, I rolled on the floor

I wanted a doll that was one of a kind,

with “Xavier Roberts” printed on her behind.

I didn’t ask Santa, I could but just pray

I asked my Mom, she said “NO WAY”.

My gifts were all opened, I surveyed my loot.

It was a bible, a slip, a banana clip to boot.

As dad cleans up the paper, my heart starts to sink,

I’m not getting my wish – I’m starting to think.

Out in the kitchen there was a pitter patter,

In comes my Dad, I wondered what was the matter.

“There’s a gift we forgot, one present more,

I wondered who it was for….

You get the picture….

I ripped the paper and began to cry. There she was. Cora Ann Cordes. My very own CPK.

get-attachment (1)-001get-attachment (3)-001Ann

My Grandma Betty, the ferocious shopper that she was happened to be in Chicago at a Montgomery Wards and walked by just as an employee was putting out a few CPKs that were in the back. She nabbed one thinking they would be worth big money one day. She knew that I wanted one SO SO SO SO bad and sold it to my mom.

It was a Christmas Miracle. It really was.

We happened upon an auction deal and bought us some NIB, minty minty old school Cabbage Patch Kids straight from the 80’s.

We want to send you one wrapped and ready to give to your little one just in time for Christmas.

All you have to do is;

1. Subscribe by email if you haven’t already.

2. Leave a comment telling us the best gift you’ve ever received.

A winner will be announced Monday, Dec 2nd.

CPK owner and lover, Amy

You choose, a ginger or a blonde cheerleader.



9 thoughts on “The Christmas Miracle, a FREE GIVE AWAY

  1. Loved my 2 CPK dolls! My premie named Oreola was my favorite gift and she even had a little beanbag tummy and sweet little cloth diapers that she came with…25 years ago! Would love to get my baby girl her own CPK, too!

  2. Not sure if my comment posted. LO ED my CPK dolls as a kid! My favorite gift was my sweet premie Oreola that had a little bean bag tummy and sweet little cloth diapers. That was 25 years ago! Would love to get my baby girl her own CPK!

  3. Love your blog and love this post. My daughter had two Cabbage Patch dolls given to her while we lived in Africa where we served as missionaries. She adored Norton Jack and Oriola! I would love to win this to give her daughter…my granddaughter. The best Christmas gift I ever received was a Christmas when our family had no money at all for gifts. My two sisters and I were not expecting anything under the tree. But, to our surprise, on Christmas morning there were three small packages. Each one contained a cute little trinket box. We remarked how cute they were and we were happy just to find something. Dad told us to open them. Inside we each found a crisp $100 bill. The Lord had provided this money at the last moment and Dad had decided to just give us the money and then take us shopping on the day after Christmas to buy what we wanted and to find bargains at the same time. God is good!

  4. The best Christmas was every year we went to grandma and grandpa cordes and Marybeth would have us all put on are hats and go outside to do piñata this is something I now do with my kids on there birthday every year

  5. The best gift I ever received was my children! They are all equally the best but my youngest was more like a gift because he was 10 days early and arrived as my Thanksgiving gift! (The best part of the gift was that at 23″ and 8lb 15 oz, 10 days later I would not have been up to that delivery!) My grandchildren are super special – but I guess they are their parent’s gifts!

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