We’re stuffed



Our kids really love each other. It warms my heart to see them play together and enjoy their time together.

We had all of our favorite Thanksgiving dishes. I got to cook with my sister, one of my favorite things.

I like to try one new thing each year. This year I made mashed rutabaga–I borrowed this idea from the Norweigan Supper.

Rutabaga, the turnips ugly cousin. I wonder whoever looked at this thing and thought it was food?


My bro in law peeled it (it was hard to peel) and I chopped it into similar sized pieces, boiled those in salted water like a potato.

DSC_0007-003DSC_0043-002When the pieces were fork tender I drained and mashed with cream, butter and a pinch of sugar–it was a nice, spicy addition to our familiar dinner.


This year our hearts were heavy for our friend and brother Saeed Abedini. We set a place for him and took a moment to pray for his release, safety and comfort.

We trimmed our tree.


Went to the movies.

Made lefse.

We have plenty to be Thankful for and most of them were all here in this house this weekend.

Sincerely, Sara

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