The perfect cookie

Martha used to be my Hero. I would study her mags like a textbook and search for the perfect recipe for whatever I was making. I would  practice and sometimes I did produce the perfect cookie, craft, side dish or drink.

Now a days I am doing 3 things at once, listening, teaching, cleaning, saving, all while making lists and menus and praying for patience and serenity.


This day I let my kids make cookies. Sugar Cookies. The best $3.00 I ever spent.

The shapes are a mess, the sprinkles are everywhere and the frosting in smuged…I am not going to lie. I had to count to 10 a few times and it took me forever to clean up our mess.

I call them the New Perfect.

Martha Who?

Sincerely, Sara

***No neighbors were harmed in the sharing of these cookies–we saved them for ourselves***

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