My Mid-Century Modern Miracle

I’ve been searching for just the right sofa to put in the sitting room.

Since remodeling this convent to a home and trying to stay true to the year it was constructed – 1958. Finding something “just right” was difficult.

The fact that my budget was $0.00 made it almost impossible.

I first enlisted my friends and “followers” and asked them to be on the lookout.

Like look in the obituaries and find an auction that might have the right piece. A couch that had been covered in plastic and rarely sat on from a smoke free, pet free home. It being from the late 50’s a smoke free prolly wouldn’t happen (think mad men) but then again I can try to clean it. That didn’t work so I turned to my Barter friend Jen and started checking out online garage sales and craig’s list. I had a few appliances that I no longer used just hanging out together in the basement, I figured I could “trade” for a mid century modern, perfectly clean, right color scheme, tufted, clean lined sofa.

Some thought I was cray, cray but I forged ahead.

I found an antique store in Sioux City that had a used – not as nice – sofa for sale that was 800 and didn’t come with a chair. She wouldn’t move on the asking price plus I would have had to drive 8 hours round trip and pay a good $150 for fuel.

I finally convinced my husband that we could fast for Saeed’s release and use a month’s worth of grocery money and buy a poorly made knock off.


I decided on this charcoal one below.


I ordered it and hoped it would delivered by the 20th. The day I host my extended family for a North Central Iowa Christmas. I’m talking about all the “slices” in the same house – cooking, crafting and memory making.

A week and a day after I place the “special” order the girls and I are decorating the tree on a freezing cold Saturday. I hear the home phone ring and I ignore it. We are hanging ornaments and listening to Christmas music. It can wait, I think. Then my cell rings, better check it, might be an emergency.

It was an emergency… it was my barter specialist friend Jen. She spotted a sofa and chair that had just been dropped of by a near by dumpster on her way to run an errand and it was “just perfect”.

I doubted it but I left the fam, jumped in the car (Jammies still on) and headed for her location.

It was a miracle, it appeared clean, no stains or rips, sturdy and the color scheme worked. I took a chance and sniffed the cushion (yes, you read that right). I buried my face right in the seat of the seat. To my delight, no smoke or cat or mystery body odor. Didn’t even smell like moth balls.

We lowered it into her truck and with my husbands help brought it into the house. He wasn’t super happy until I told him it was free and that my friend also had a commercial upholstering cleaner. BTW, this girl has everything. She’s like the guy in New York that wips open his jacket and shows you rollex knock offs and other items.  Coincidentally she is now the owner of the mansion that I featured in my post “It’s all just a bunch of stuff”.

Anyhoo, after some scrubbing, drying, styling and profiling my Mid Century Modern Miracle came true and just in time for Christmas. Plus it just cost a little help from my friends.

IMG_0378-001Amusingly, Amy

5 thoughts on “My Mid-Century Modern Miracle

  1. Oh my goodness! What an AMAZING find! A seller on eBay had yards of that exact same upholstery for sale and I watched it for weeks wanting to redo my dining chairs with it.

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