Pinterest Christmas Party

I really enjoy the idea of crafting and creating. I also attempt many projects with a hopeful spirit.

I got invited to a Pinterest Christmas Party.

Ladies Night Christmas Pinterest Party

I paid $10 to the hostesses and they bought the items needed and led us through the crafts. You were supposed to bring a snack to share but I didn’t read the invitation properly and showed up empty handed…Nice!

Ladies Night Christmas Pinterest Party

Fellowship, Creativity, and Fun!

We will be making EASY christmas inspired items from pinterest.

All we ask is that you bring a finger food, $10 for your supplies, and yourself.

We will take care of getting

Drinks, Desserts, and Supplies.

Please RSVP ASAP so that we can buy supplies accordingly.

Hope to see you there!!!

This gals house was decorated so beautifully, a pinterest paradise.


Anyway, per the norm I proceeded to start entertaining, therefore messing up my projects.

I can’t do two things at once. See!


The first project was simple. We received old china plates and a selection of sharpies. Gold, silver, etc.

It was funny we all had our phones out and searching Pinterest for ideas. Well, the hostess didn’t because she has mad skills and actually had her own ideas. What’ that?

I should have taken a shot of the “after” on the “santa” plate but I was busy self deprecating.

IMG_0372-002I love seeing the creativity. (Jealous)

After I realized that I got my Roman Numerals messed up I almost quit. Then I googled how to get sharpie off ceramic and porcelain. It told me to put a little white toothpaste on it and use some elbow grease. The girls were skeptical (new friends by the way) but it WORKED!!! Who knew?

IMG_0371-002I fixed it best I could and then gave it to the hostess to finish. I’m a quitter.

Bake it for 45 mins @350. I tried to help and got a few out of the oven and smudged the Santa plate. After that they said I didn’t need to help.

IMG_0377-002She’s gifted!

IMG_0440-001I like it. It’s me, a little off but fun.

Next up was a homemade snow globe.

This seemed easy.

IMG_0376-002Distilled water, 2 drops of glycerin, glitter and a jar of your choosing.

I really liked being with these girls. No kids, just warm cider – laughter and crafting.

IMG_0375-002I hot glued a couple little figurines onto the lid. I like the idea of “Main St.”.

IMG_0439-001I managed to not totally mess it up. But I’ll tell you, it does leak a little.

But then again I’m not perfect. Remember?


Amusingly, Amy

6 thoughts on “Pinterest Christmas Party

  1. One think you might be able to do to stop the leaking of your snow globe is to wrap the threads of the jar with teflon tape. Works for plumbing!

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