Oh Christmas Tree and Great- Grandma Nettie

Well for me the Christmas rush is over. Shopping, Wrapping, Cards, Mailing, Packing, Cooking– all done. We celebrated early with the family this year. I was able to Christmas with both of my sisters this year–that is always a gift…Our earliest memories are of each other and Christmas.


Now that I slow down a bit I have noticed my tree. I have enjoyed her these past few weeks. The aroma, the glow in the early darkness of the evening and the even earlier mornings. I love the familiar ornaments. I get a new cardinal every year and the hubs a new reindeer. Add special ones from trips, gifts and exchanges. Monster Baby is a budding designer and likes to rearrange and we have a beautiful, messy Christmas tree.


Our Great-Grandmother Nettie Irene White Lehman was crafty. After Grandpa Harry died she stayed busy. Making pot holders, kitchen towels and Christmas ornaments. Every year I get out my share of the collection and imagine her tiny, wrinkled, aged fingers pushing in those sequins and pins.


There we are…40 years ago

Did she ever imagine her great grand-daughters placing them on their own trees  years later?


My sisters and I each have some to put on our trees.

I think that is what is so magical about the season. The memories. Gifts that last long after the wrap, boxes and bows are gone  and even the giver’s have vanished.

What will I leave behind?

Merry Christmas!

Sincerely, Sara


10 thoughts on “Oh Christmas Tree and Great- Grandma Nettie

  1. My Grandma was widowed at a young age. She had 30 grandchildren. She couldn’t afford to buy gifts, but each year, she made each of us an ornament. And for the great grandchildren, she made a stocking. When she passed away, she was working on her last stocking and I was pregnant. I had the honor of finishing that last stocking for my baby girl, Courtney. I still get a warm fuzzy feeling (and often a tear or two) each year when I hang those stockings and ornaments. No store bought gift could bring out those emotions some 30 years later! Merry Christmas to you and your wonderful family!

  2. No way! My grandmother and yours must have been in cahoots…we have that exact same bell-shaped bell with sequins as well as many other sequin-covered ball ornaments…and felt ornaments (my favorite) with many sequins as well. Love it!

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  4. I haven’t gotten around as much as I’d like, but I hope all of you and the family had a great Christmas and will have a wonderful 2014! Family memories! I love that you have those ornaments!

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