Wreath Cookies


Merry Christmas! All of our gifts are opened, waffles eaten and paper burned. Now, I am having a second cup of coffee and I thought I would send you all my favorite Christmas cookie. Since I was a little girl–this has been my favorite cookie. Really easy and a little cheesy. I almost always have the ingredients in my pantry.


Corn Flakes, marshmallows, butter, a pinch of salt and green food color. (You also need Red Hots for the Holly Berries, but I searched everywhere in Wisconsin this season–and I came up empty-handed. We improvised and used sprinkles to accent the sticky, gooey, green goodness)


You know the drill…melt butter, stir in marshmellow and melt. Pinch of salt and then….

Lots of drops of green food color. Enough to look like dark evergreen boughs.


Remove from heat and stir in your cereal.


Drop onto wax paper and decorate.

These are my favorite–I can’t help it. I have green teeth most of the month of December!


There you have it–my virtual cookie plate–my gift to you! Think of all the calories you saved!

Merry Christmas!

Sincerely, Sara

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