The Dairy Queen


I moved to a small town in Wisconsin. A really, really small town. Sometimes I think I feel a bit more lonely in this town of 300 than I have in any other. Most of the folks grew up together and their parents grew up together and their grandparents and so on…. One Sunday afternoon a few weeks after school started I had a group of Jehovah W’s at the door and then an hour later a college student campaigning for Obama at the door.( Now “normal” people are not surprised by knocks at the door– but in the country–no one drives up the lane unless we are expecting them). I was beginning to feel like I lived at Grand Central Station and there was another knock…I wondered if it was the Avon Lady or Schawan’s…at my door was a smiling face with bright blue eyes. “L” introduced herself and told me her little boy rode the bus with mine and she wanted to say, “hi”. We traded  cell numbers and planned a playdate and got back to living our lives.

It is hard to not stick out as a stranger here. I get noticed, then over looked often. Everytime I would drive by L I get a honk and wave! Her daughters started babysitting and her boy came over for Lego-Mario-Wrestle fests.

One day I left my middle with the Hubs and went “over town” shopping with the baby. When I got to Plateville  I got a cell phone call from a 911 operator. My Jonah had a seizure and quit breathing. My Hubs (the Emergency Room Nurse) was in an ambulance with him on the way to the hospital. I tried to call my mom, my sisters and my church and they were all voicemails. I was rushing toward the next town to get to my Jo-Jo and the phone rang, it was “L” she said she drove by the house and saw the ambulance and wanted to know how she could help. She picked up Noah that day from school and kept him. I needed her!


In the spring last year, I hit my head, HARD. I was benched for awhile. L shows up, unsolicited, with the best pot roast and potatoes I have ever eaten. In my concussive fog I caught myself licking the plate…in my defense–I caught my healthy Hubs doing the same.

She always has a word of kind advice for me. She does everything I do AND milks 96 cows twice a day. Once I called her and asked what she was doing…unplugging the manure spreader. (best answer ever!) I was in her yard once and she looked up at the cow filled hillside and sighed, “aren’t they pretty?” I looked up…yeah, I guess they were.

We don’t get to spend much time together, a wave and a smile or a quick phone call. I know I am not the only person in the world who crosses paths with amazing people. Everywhere I have lived I have been blessed to meet folks that change my life. “L” is one of those people. I know I can ask her for help if I need it and that is hard for me to do.


I betcha you have some special people in your life too…but I bet they don’t rush to milk their cows before church on Christmas Eve!

Thanks “L”

Sincerely, Sara

9 thoughts on “The Dairy Queen

  1. Ha, ha, ha! Dianna is right. I have some of those queens or angels in my life. One of them does not milk cows but I am sure she would if she had to! We are boessed to have such people in our lives. Cheers!

  2. 300?!! I’ve been such a big city girl my whole life that I think a place like that would drive me nuts. Or at least have me driving back and forth to the city all the time. Oh the thought of all that gas……………….. 🙂

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