Playoff Packer Pizza


Football–I knew what it was growing up–I was smack dab in the middle of Chicago Bears territory. It was something in the background on Sunday afternoons. I got excited when they were in the Super Bowl….We ain’t here to start no trouble, we just came to do the Super Bowl Shuffle.


Well now I am smack dab in the heart of Packer territory. I have lately found myself looking forward to Sunday afternoon football games. They are perfect. Warm. Snacks. Commercial breaks and replays. I like it. Aaron Rogers is kinda cute too.


We are lucky the Packer’s team colors are delicious! I would have a harder time getting excited about blue and orange food. This is what I made for our game day dinner.

Playoff Packer Pizza

1 pizza crust. (store-bought or homemade) Sauce, your favorite toppings, green and yellow bell peppers and cheese….lots of cheese.


My boys love to help. I spoon on my sauce and spread thin. I lay down sliced provolone (learned that from Chi-town). Italian sausage and mushrooms I browned in a pan. Sprinkle on the mozzarella and finely diced green and yellow peppers and bake.


Easy, fast and fun. You can do this too with whatever you like and sit and enjoy it.

I was planning a Packer Super Bowl Party while I was watching the game–but alas, like our neighbors to the south (Chicago) I shall have to wait for next year.

Sincerely, Sara

2 thoughts on “Playoff Packer Pizza

  1. Good looking pie. I am a homer, so I back the Colts. But some of my earliest football memories are of Paul Horning and his first game back after his “vacation”. I believe it was against Da Bears. Better times are ahead.

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