Frosty the Cold Day


This week school was closed because of the cold. Not snow, just cold. So far below zero here in Wisconsin that it is colder than the South Pole. I was ready for the boys to go back to school after Christmas and I feared us all being inside for days on end…I made a plan to have some #funinthedeepfreeze.


One of the great things about after Christmas is the sales!!! I got a few craft and treat kits for 75-90% off~Yes please! I invited the Kids from the farm over the hill (the Dairy Queens) and we got busy having fun! First up…boiling water to vapor. Who knew if you throw boiling water into the air when it is this cold…it “poof” turns to vapor.


Next up we made snow flakes from coffee filters. Each one different and the best $.88 you will ever spend! Hours of fun and a great garland after for our Frozen party.


I made Chick-fil-a nuggets for lunch–I will share that recipe soon. Next was some sweet treats!


We made Rice Crispy bread houses…maybe a I went to far. It was cheap and easy and messy and fun!  Hot cocoa flowed freely and we built Lego perfection in front of the fire.


White Chicken Chili and homemade tortilla chips for dinner. Harry Potter marathon and some Red Vines. The Neighbors slept over and we had a ball.


Tomorrow donuts and cocoa and some paper chains. Not bad, I might even say I enjoyed our time shut in together.


I remember this–My Dad went out and delivered my paper route–I think I still owe him $24.00.

Sincerely, Sara

9 thoughts on “Frosty the Cold Day

  1. What a great mom (and neighbor) you are! Such great ideas. BUT…doesn’t that man throwing the boiling water in the air need a hat….???? Just wondering!

  2. We really had a great time. The kids can’t wait for the next frozen day! Dianna-my hubs is a Viking so he sweats if it is above 40! Even he was only out a moment! “L” We loved it!

  3. What a great party! As I’m sure you know the governor himself gave us in MN the day off of school on Monday – which was fine until suddenly we all got cabin fever at once and no way to blow it off! It got a little long. 🙂 A party would have been much better! LOVE that final photo from years ago!

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