15 years of party-ing like it’s 1999

2 things stand out when I reminisce about my wedding anniversaries of days gone by.


The first is that it’s ALWAYS bitter cold and there is usually white stuff on the ground.


The second is that I’m recovering from a surgery.

Oh and I also buy new drawers and such online (can’t pass up those after Christmas unmentionable sales).

Jim Seward married me at 3pm on January 9th, 1999. We thought ourselves so clever when we chose that date. 1/9/99, get it cause you know, it was 1999! I know…


Today is my 15th wedding anniversary! It’s -5 degrees outside. I’m in recliner recuperating from quite a surgery. Yesterday I ordered some undergarments.


We aren’t going out on the town, not even dinner and movie. It’s a Thursday…


Maybe we should watch Groundhog day since things are about the same each year.


Not that we haven’t celebrated. We went to NY city for our 10th and lots of other great little get aways in the past.

I remember how cold it was on the day we were married because I bought the wrong size pantyhose and ended up not wearing any. We got married in an old castle that was as drafty as a cabin in the woods.


I remember looking out of a little window in the room I was readying my self in and watching the snow fall.

I remember being so grateful for the friends and family that had traveled from near and far to make our day special.

But what I remember most is the walk down the aisle. My Dad telling me that is wasn’t to late to run and him saying, “you done good kid, Jim’s a good guy”.

I got a little emotional until…

Until I saw a handsome young man in a sharp tux and a beautiful smile and light eyes waiting for me at the end of that long walk.


He has always been there waiting for me. When life has been hard, when kids have been sick, when jobs have been lost, when we didn’t know where to go or what to do. He’s been my constant.

So even though its cold outside and I’m taking pain pills, I’m gonna celebrate with the guy that’s there for me.

We’ve been “partying” since 1999. 2278_1101841509164_3605_n-001

Happily Married, Amy

7 thoughts on “15 years of party-ing like it’s 1999

  1. Oh, the photos of your wedding are gorgeous! What a beautiful couple you were/are. That castle looks like an amazing place to be married: and snow on your wedding day…. Hope your recovery goes smoothly and quickly.
    Happy Anniversary!
    (We also picked a “clever” date for our wedding: 02/02/02 at 2:02. My husband has no excuse for forgetting THAT date!)

  2. Happy Anniversary to you two! I have always enjoyed your sense of humor Amy and even in recovery you have it. I love that.
    Side note, we got married in the year 2000 so he wouldn’t forget how many years we’ve been married. We originally did it for him(something he had said from the beginning) but now I find myself taking advantage of it too:)

  3. Thanks girls! Marriage is a funny thing. Love grows. I can say that I thought I was in love with Jim. I had no idea how the next 15 years would prove that love and cement it in my heart. Jim engraved in my ring, “your body of armour” and its the truth. I dedicate this post to my love, Dr. James Norris Raymond Seward.

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