Friday Faves – Amy’s top 10 of 2013

Almost a whole year bloggin’ with my sisters.


It’s been a chronological scrapbook of sorts, a hobby, a place for me to escape, learn, stretch and grow.

Speaking of learned – we’ve learned a lot but have so much more knowledge to gain.

Us sisters get the opportunity to leave behind all of our responsibilities and head west for a weekend away. We are attending a blog conference put on my 6 sisters, perfect right?

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 10.18.40 PM

When we return we will have “it all together” and plan to launch a whole new “look”. But more about later.

For now, please let me share with you my top 10 favorite posts from last year. True most are my humorous to me stories, but there are some recipes, crafts & DIY’s.

Thanks for caring enough to read it. Thanks for all the great feedback and comments.

Let’s do this…

Coming in at #10

10. How to make your husband leave you

For all of you with New Years resolutions this will make you smile. The story of how my husband and I tried a 3 day cleanse and lived to tell about it.

9. Chalkboarding, no helmet required

As always a little behind the times, I spent most of 2012 breathing in and sweeping up chalk dust as I painted a wall in my kitchen with chalk board paint and went to town.

8. A year of mantlescapes & He’s alive…on my mantel

Since I got my own home I’d always had a mantle. They intimidated and perplexed me until I started shopping around my house for goodies to share each holiday. I hope you get some inspiration. Mantles were made for more than just a clock, 2 candles on the right and a vase on the left.

7. Chubby, taken and ready for some bacon…

One of my first posts ever, I used a pound of bacon that I baked in the am to make breakfast, lunch, dinner and even dessert. Better take a Beyer Aspirin before reading this one.

6. Who eats old coleslaw for breakfast?

This baby got a lot of likes and did well statistically. I guess any post about your Grandmother poisoning you is gonna make you laugh.

5. Trader Joe’s tuna is too, too good

Just a post about store that’s not near me but I love all the food they have. Especially the tuna! That’s it…

4.There’s MUFFIN like a teach like you – Plus A FREE Printable

Kids heading back to school and we make some treats to bribe the teacher. The printable is a keeper. 

3. She’s A Perfect 10 – A Decade Of Miracles

My oldest turns a decade and I reminisce and give thanks that she is alive and well after fighting a heart condition.

2.Wall Stencil Fiasco – Before and After

I won a stencil (think geese and pineapple around the top of your 90’s kitchen) and proceeded to spend a month and $20 on anti anxiety meds to complete the project.

Last and certainly not least. Coming in at #1 – my all time fave.

1.Is it really just my bladder?

Have a format to share the story of Saeed Abedini and the privilege to pray for his release is what I’m here for.

See you in February!
Amusingly, Amy

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