If you give a Mom a Monday

If you give a Mom a Monday….

mom5 She will need a laundry basket

and she will hunt for dirty clothes.

She will find your empty wastebasket and your floor full of bits,

look under your bed for dirty dishes,

she will pick up barbie toys, Lego’s and puzzle pieces.


She will go into the bathroom

and she will put the lid on the toothpaste and wipe off the sink, the wall, the door knob, the floor.

She will put new TP on the holder, and count the rolls left. She will flush.

She will inventory the shampoo and detaingler, pick up undies and a sock.


She will start a load of laundry, make a shopping list, get something out of the freezer for  dinner, pick up toys.

Run the vacuum and try to ignore the dust. Sweep the floors and pick pennies, barbie shoes and action figures out of the dustpan.

She will shake out the rugs, bring the baby a snack. Write a blog post, pay bills online, return email, call in a refill.

She will check her fb and drink a cup of coffee, put the clothes in the dryer.


She will get the baby up from nap, run to the grocery, forget her list,

then she will pick up the kids from school.

She will make snacks, start supper, help with homework, make treats for the next day, read a note from the teacher, kiss a boo boo,

then she will set the table.


She will feed the family and talk about their day, clear the table and do dishes.

Then she will help with baths and jammies.

She will sit and cuddle and ready a book or watch a show,

then she will tuck them in with a kiss.


She will sit down and try to stay awake and relax a bit, she will remember the clothes in the dryer,

and she will need a laundry basket.

Sincerely, Sara

P.S. if you have never seen or read these children’s books…you should!  Fav’s around here!

2 thoughts on “If you give a Mom a Monday

  1. It’s been so many years since my “little one” was little, I’m not familiar with these books. But I love your post! It’s amazing how many things a mom really does in a day, isn’t it?

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