Rainbow Ice Marbles…because I am losing mine this winter


It is cold here…really cold.  I dread leaving the house and I can’t have enough layers or socks or blankets! Cold Day is the new Snow Day around here and we are trying to keep our spirits up and make it to spring.

So I have done what a lot of us do…hiding,  I mean searching Pinterest for fun ideas to chase away the winter blues.

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I pinned this a while ago and decided this was the day. It is -25 here. Perfect day to make Rainbow Ice Marbles

Balloon, food color and water–and a Polar Vortex helps. We added our food color first. Then filled the balloons. We talked about color blending so it was slightly educational. Here is a tip–after you tie them, before you walk through the house with a food colored water bomb…make sure there are no holes in the balloon…I learned the hard way.

IMGP3552It took about 2 hours in this cold to freeze these babies solid. We peeled off the balloons–came off really easy and set them up in the back yard–

There you have it folks–Pinspiration strikes again. I have to admit I even enjoy seeing them so bright and cheery on the blanket of white.


Now if it would only warm up to at least zero so we can play with them outside….

Sincerely, Sara

5 thoughts on “Rainbow Ice Marbles…because I am losing mine this winter

  1. Another blogger feature this the other day (and I don’t even think she has little children in the house!). Looks like a fun way to spend a frigid day!

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