We’re goin’ SNOWnuts

I cheated–December was too busy for me. I have tried to send special school snack that are fun and healthy this year–I skipped December. Trimming the tree, shopping, wrapping, baking, cards…all of that plus a little time to be jolly left me running on empty. Noah had to do a report on Neil Armstrong so they got Trader Joe’s Cheese Rockets…

January has not been any better. It seems like the faster I go the behinder I git! I did at least  give it a little time an attention this month.

January school snacks.

String Cheese, a sharpie, a bit of ribbon in your school colors and BAM–5 minutes and you are good to go. The boys do the counting and I handle the sharpie…3 little boys+Sharpie=DOOM.

I threw in some powdered donuts too this month–I know, not healthy or creative–Jonah, my 5-year-old who is into Bazooka gum comics and preschool knock-knock jokes saw these at the store and said, “Hey Mom, Mom, Mom, hey Mom, look, it’s not donuts, it’s SNOWnuts!” “Get it? Get it ?”


That made me smile so into the cart they went.

Stay warm everybody.

Sincerely, Sara

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