To Infinity (Scarves) And Beyond


I use to live in a relatively good-sized city on the eastern side of the state of Iowa. I went to a huge church that I dearly loved and did most of my growing (spiritually) there. When we moved for a job two years ago to north central Iowa I was grieved at the loss of my support system; family, friends, church fam too.

I remember a family that use to sit in the second row, center aisle at church, they looked like swedish models (even the dad). All 6 of them lined across (distracting really) the “pew” – tall, lean and blonde. Beautiful, smiling, worshiping Jesus, etc.

I didn’t get an opportunity to really know them or hang outside church but I always wanted to.

Thankfully with facebook and especially since the move I get a glimpse into their lives and we comment back and forth.

One day, a couple of weeks ago vibrant colors pop up on my news feed.


“Anne” and her girls are arm knitting infinity scarves to help raise money for a missions trip one of the barbie dolls is taking.

It grabs my attention because the missions trip is to Paraguay.where_is_paraguay_located

It’s a little country in South America and I know this only because I worked with a Shakira look-alike many moons ago that was from there. She use to tell stories of her home country and longed to go back as often as possible to visit her mama.

Poverty estimates suggest that 30–50% of the population is poor. Literacy rates are extremely low, a rate of 51% Access to clean drinking water is an alarming rate – 2.5% of Paraguay’s population has access to clean drinking water and only 9.5% have electricity.

Obviously the need is great there and bless the folks traveling there to help.

We get to help too. The scarves are available for $25 and come in array of soft, chunky, colorful yarn choices.


Anne (the blonde model maker mama) is so gifted. She is an amazing photographer, finger knitter and mother just to name a few.

I’m sharing her talents with you guys. I’m hoping you’ll be inspired or even order one for yourself. It’s like a warm hug. It also is giving a young woman the opportunity of a life time. A chance to cross the globe and experience God’s hands and feet at work. It will be life changing for her and we get to be a part of it.

Here’s a message from Anne;1601223_788215021192816_1804139353_n-001

My daughter Payton is going on a medical Missions trip to Paraguay May 25 – July 5. Payton will be assisting in medical clinics, participating in door-to-door vaccination campaigns, doing lab work, physical exams, etc. She is so excited to serve GOD through medicine on this journey in her life that will challenge her spiritually and potentially help influence her future in medicine. To help raise funds for her, my daughters and I are making hand knit infinity scarves (long enough to wrap around twice) for $25 each. Let me know if you’d like to order one or more and what color(s)?

Thank you in advance for your support!
Colors in order are:

1510753_779900122024306_145214165_n-001Now if you want the step by step you can find it here.

I personally think this one is a real jag, Amy




11 thoughts on “To Infinity (Scarves) And Beyond

  1. Beautiful scarves! I’ve seen this arm knitting on Pinterest and it looks amazing – fun and simple and definitely a good thing to do for money raising. Good luck!

    • Kathy,
      You will LOVE them. It’s like a hug and they are beautiful. I’m wearing mine everyday and choosing my wardrobe around them. I will email Anne with your color choice. She can email you her address so that you can send a check or money order. What I love best about this is that in exchange for your scarf you are helping those in great need. Thank you!

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