Blanket of White

Today I bundled up in the hubs hunting coat and gloves and set out to shovel the driveway. I have a case of stage 4 cabin fever. I have showed you how beautiful it is here in spring, summer and fall

so I thought I would show you winter.

I went out grumbling, snow and ice and mud and salt…and in the cold quiet with flakes falling down I realized this blanket of white is pretty….

Why no one comes to visit?

Why no one comes to visit?

IMGP3640This is where my family sat at the reunion getting to know each other again. Under there I am sure are my boys toy’s rusting and trusting that they will be played with again. There are tracks everywhere, even though it seems so still, quiet and lifeless the deer, fox, raccoon and opossums are having a party around here after dark.


Deep down in the frozen ground are the makings of a magical spring. I know it. I believe it. I dream of it.


The other morning we had to use the blow dryer to thaw the door then dig our way to car…there is a lot of this white stuff around here.


One amazing flake at a time.



8 thoughts on “Blanket of White

  1. We had an unusually heavy snowfall for our area last week (about 6 inches). I was amazed at the pictures I saw on blog posts of the individual snowflakes: beautiful! You and I are on the same wavelength in your thoughts about memories about what lies under the snow. I thought about the wedding we had here in September, and how different the scenery was with the snow compared to that day.
    Your photos are great!

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