Happening now in Salt Lake City

caricature sisters

When I was a girl I really thought my life would be the way it was…forever. My sisters and I in our little house playing and fighting and teasing and chores. Family Birthday parties would always have that big circle with Gramma’s and Grandpa’s and family and friends. We would never be strangers and we would always be together.

IMG_9715-001But of course it did change. We grew up. We lost our loved ones, our innocents. These sisters and I choose different paths and went in different directions. But we never lost our connection.

Photo 21And here we are today. We are all together in Salt Lake City, Utah in an awesome hotel room with a view of the mountains and we are together. Catching up and being ourselves. We are on an adventure starting a new endeavor–together and I am here marveling at these women who are my sisters, my partners, my friends.

1625613_10203239002598783_316491129_n I have 48 hours with these gals and I am soaking up every moment. We will leave this conference with big ideas and dreams and plans. We get to connect and share right here on the blog and you all get a slice too!

Sincerely, Sara

2 thoughts on “Happening now in Salt Lake City

  1. I love your blogs,and I understand about sisters, we are lucky enough to be in the same town,it must run in our wonderful family,cousin Cathy.

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