I have never been forgotten by someone I hardly know

My birthday and the Winter Olympics always make me miss her


I got a card in the mail today, a Birthday card, two months after my birthday-and I LOVED it! Let me tell you why.

I was born in February 1972. I was  named after my Aunt, Mary Beth. Aunt MB had a friend, a BFF from Nursing School. Marietta. They chatted almost weekly I think.  I only saw her once when she came to Kankakee for a visit. For as long as I can remember–(even in my baby book) I get a card on my birthday from Marietta.

It is always signed simply,  Sara Beth…..Marietta and the age I am…this year a 41!!

I hate to admit this–all of my friends were so kind and remembered me on my birthday on fb, with a call or a card–I know I am blessed to have so many amazing people in my life! 1 person was missing though, I really had this…

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