Ribeyes & Smashed Potatoes & Neck Ties


My husband collects ties.


I guess it’s better than wives and cheaper than cars.

It use to make me roll my eyes, but over the years…

I think it’s kind of sweet.


Sweet in that around Christmas time (he has substantially more “Happy Birthday” baby Jesus ties) he wears a different Christmas tie every day of the month. When a co-worker or a fellow church member or stranger on the street compliments his tie (yes, folks have complimented his ties) Jim whips it off and gives it to the person.


Yes there is always a little dance put on. “No, I can’t take your tie” – “Yes, take it – it’s a gift”


It was Valentines Evening, I told him work late if you like – he likes to do this sometimes, I wonder why?

Actually don’t answer that.

He called on the way home and was all like, “what’s for dinner?” I was like, “something easy”.

He probably thought pizza. Actually this meal was super easy

He loved it (I did too)!

Full of red meat, Amy

3 thoughts on “Ribeyes & Smashed Potatoes & Neck Ties

  1. your great uncle sterling loved ties too, after he worked at Baptist electronics for years , he sacked groceries, a different tie everyday.we always new what to get for Christmas,fathers day and his birthday,he had at least 100.

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