Sochi (Russian) Chili

Did you watch the Olympics?


I only clicked on links that showed pics of the “toilet” situation and Bob Costas’ pink eyes…

Then it reminded me of a recipe…

My BFF married into a family that actually has a “secret” family recipe.

One day during a “play” date, she (the BFF) was talking about how she was looking forward to a time fast approaching when her MIL would be making “Russian” chili. “Russian” chili I ask? “Yes”, she replies. “What’s this?” I ask…

“Oh you can’t tell me”?

It’s like that commercial back in the day where the dry cleaner is telling all the customers about some “ancient chinese” secret but it’s really just Downey or whatever. I just loved it growing up. “Ancient Chinese Secret -huh?”

Annnyyway, back to the recipe – right?

IMG_1363-001I’ve heard tell that round steak had been used. But I went all out and got the bottom round.
IMG_1364-001IMG_1366-001IMG_1367-001IMG_1368-001IMG_1369-001IMG_1371-001IMG_1372-001IMG_1403-001It’s so meaty, spicy and flavorful that even Vladimir Putin would enjoy it. I know Jim was a pootin after his 2nd bowl. 😉

3 thoughts on “Sochi (Russian) Chili

  1. Was it Jim or??? FUNNY!!! Your family would just pass out if we did wife swap and I had to come cook for them. They would not be getting the gourmet of the sister slice.

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