The Sisters

DSC_0053 The baby sister came home the day before Thanksgiving, when we were 8 and 11,  Mom and Dad brought Hannah home and in that moment our family went from ordinary to extraordinary. Hannah was an answer to the middle sister’s prayer, her favorite toy and companion. That serious little dark-eyed girl grew up to be an amazing woman. Hannah is smart and strong, brave and beautiful.. She can go from goober to glamorous  in a snap,she is a business owner, a sunshine state dweller, healthy eater and exerciser. so sensible and well-educated her posts promise to provide what ours don’t – proper grammar. Even though we are her “big” sisters both literally and figuratively she has forged a path we never did. Always a straight shooter and fiercely loyal, Hannah’s had our back. It’s so great that this sister blog is now complete. I hope you enjoy the slice Hannah offers. A – D.I.N.K (double income no kids) unless you count her dog, Nala. Enjoy her slice of life in the sun. Honestly, Hannah



DSC_0046 The middle sister was a shy and quiet little gal for the first year and then…..the The sparkle happened. Amy is a textbook middle child with a twinkle in her eye and a gift.  anywhere Amy is -is where you want to be. She is an adventurous soul, she loves to entertain and adds brightness to any room she enters. Our tastes and style could not be more different. Amy has always had a great eye and been able to choose “the” piece – whether it be the addition of a scarf, vest, jewelry – or selecting that timeless item to build a room around. Amy is a busy mother of three girls 2-10. She does the real mom stuff – like playing games, sledding and eating lunch with them at school.  She has been a “working outside the home Momma” as well as the stay at home kind and does them both so well. She is a natural organizer Amy’s cooking is spicy and full of flavor!  We love the way she cooks a few meals on Saturday to use throughout the week! She is a relaxed hostess with the mostess and you always feel welcome at her home.  There is never a dull moment in her life and I know you will enjoy whatever slice she serves you. Amusingly, Amy

DSC_0052The oldest sister Sara was our first friend and all of our childhood memories include her. Sara grew up, (over 6 feet tall )  watching out for her sisters and dreaming dreams. She broke in her Easy Bake Oven at a young age and has a fearless love of cooking. She bloomed a bit later and finds herself over 40 with one still in diapers in a house full of boys in the middle of nowhere. She loves to share what is on her mind, in her heart or on her table with you. Enjoy a “slice” of her life… Sincerely, Sara


The Sisters were born in Kankakee, Illinois and spent much of their lives in the Quad Cities. Hannah lives in sunny central Florida with her husband and beautiful hairy child Nala.  Amy now lives in North Central Iowa with her husband and 3 daughters. Sara lives in Southwestern Wisconsin with her husband and 3 sons.


48 thoughts on “The Sisters

  1. Lovin it so far girls. Funny that you mentioned the Brady bunch that is what wad rolling around in my head when baby blog was still in the womb.

  2. I’m enjoying your blog! I went to high school with your Dad and new your Mom casually. Looks like you girls are having great fun on this adventure!

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  5. What a lovely story about two sisters. Thank you for following my blog, I really appreciate. I look forward to posts from your blog.

    • It’s great… when one has blog constipation the other can step in and post for the day. We have gotten so much closer (even though we live in different states) with our daily “blog” business calls…

    • Thanks! This has been such a great way to share in each others lives and encourage each others…and we are learning a lot too! I enjoyed my visit to your blog as well!

  6. Thanks so much for stopping by my little blog. I’m enjoying looking around yours. I love your About Me page…what a lovely idea to have you each “introduce” the other. I love the line: “We came from the same batter but the cakes turned out to be different flavors.”

  7. You started following my blog so I stopped over for a visit. It’s nice to run into another mid-western blog 🙂 And my husband grew-up in the Quad Cities so I’ve spent many weekends there!

  8. I’m so happy you stopped by my blog so that I found yours! I loved reading about both of you. It reminded me of my sister and our relationship. I look forward to reading your posts!

  9. Great site Amy! I love to cook and great food. I will be refrencing the recepies on a regular basis. Talk to you soon!!

  10. I love how you two sisters work together! I’m the oldest of 5… 4 girls and our baby brother. My next closest in age sister and I are very close and have done many projects together and we have even attempted business together. She’s my best friend and I know the ups and downs that siblings go through. I’m glad I found your blog and will enjoy following your stories!

  11. Thanks for visiting and subscribing to my blog; I hope you come often. I am glad to meet you ladies.I love your relationship! I can see I am going to have fun visiting your posts!

  12. An absolute pleasure to meet all three of you ladies. I know I’ll enjoy myself here on your site, but may I ask which one of you is interested in the history portrayed in mine?

  13. Hello you three! Which one of you decided to follow us eh? I’m the youngest of 4 sisters (no brothers) so I can relate, except only the oldest is into cooking. Oh and we’re a few generations removed 🙂 I love the energy and honesty of your blog.
    Thanks for visiting and for following our blog. I hope you enjoy the stories of our journey, both inner and outer.

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