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DSC_0081  is a blog that features three sisters born and bred in the Midwest. We give you a little slice of our lives. We offer a diverse view on living and share with you our passions and talents from our lives in Florida, Wisconsin and North Central Iowa. Whether you’re a lot like us or not at all, we can share a smile, a tip, a taste, a little slice of life….  Most of the images provided on this blog are photographed by one of us. If an image is not ours we give credit to the source, unless one is not found. We do author product reviews from time to time. We only accept gifted products to review–if it is something that we think our readers will want or would be curious about.   If a product is gifted to the sisters, we would feature it in a post with photos, a review, include links to any reader discounts or incentives, and highlight the business or affiliated brand. We also offer advertising space in the sidebar as a thank you. We will also collaborate on giveaways for our readership under the same guidelines.

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