Bridal Shower Tea Party

I have a new friend–Let’s call her Cheery. She has a son and a daughter both getting married this year. Funny how I have potty train Eli on my summer bucket list. Early bloomer meet late bloomer. She was talking about throwing a shower–I jumped at the chance to help  take over. Aww, ain’t they sweet!?! … Continue reading

My first Date

I was a strange kid! So glad I am normal now,err sorta. I was born in Kankakee, Illinois. There was not a lot going on there in the 80’s. There  was 1 place off of the last exit on Interstate 57– The Redwood Inn  it was not a Buffet it was a SMORGASBOARD! It seemed … Continue reading

Happy Birthday

Thesisterslice is 1 today! Yeah!  Thanks for liking, commenting, following and subscribing. We have loved sharing this past year and can’t wait to give you more. We are taking a trip together next week to celebrate and of course we will blog all about it! Sincerely, Amusingly and Honestly, Thesisterslice

A Birthday Bonfire

I am lucky to have some amazing in-laws. We are a close-knit family and like to have fun and celebrate together. When my M-I-L’s birthday rolled around last week, we let her decide on what to do – nice dinner out, shopping, spa day? She decided on a bonfire and weeny roast with the fam (one … Continue reading

15 years of party-ing like it’s 1999

2 things stand out when I reminisce about my wedding anniversaries of days gone by. The first is that it’s ALWAYS bitter cold and there is usually white stuff on the ground. The second is that I’m recovering from a surgery. Oh and I also buy new drawers and such online (can’t pass up those … Continue reading

A December To Remember

Have you ever gotten a car key in a wrapped box on Christmas Morning? Then you curiously go out side and find a luxury car wrapped up in a big red silken bow. Me either… I like the recap post of each month that we do here at the slice. In case you were too … Continue reading

Wreath Cookies

Merry Christmas! All of our gifts are opened, waffles eaten and paper burned. Now, I am having a second cup of coffee and I thought I would send you all my favorite Christmas cookie. Since I was a little girl–this has been my favorite cookie. Really easy and a little cheesy. I almost always have … Continue reading