Coffee, Tea and Me

I started drinking coffee at the ripe old age of 11. I used to ride a church bus early on Sunday mornings to pick up kids for Sunday school. That old bus never warmed up! I would get a cup ‘o burnt Amoco coffee just to warm my fingers…. I love coffee. I remember my … Continue reading

Blanket of White

Today I bundled up in the hubs hunting coat and gloves and set out to shovel the driveway. I have a case of stage 4 cabin fever. I have showed you how beautiful it is here in spring, summer and fall so I thought I would show you winter. I went out grumbling, snow and … Continue reading

If you give a Mom a Monday

If you give a Mom a Monday….  She will need a laundry basket and she will hunt for dirty clothes. She will find your empty wastebasket and your floor full of bits, look under your bed for dirty dishes, she will pick up barbie toys, Lego’s and puzzle pieces. She will go into the bathroom … Continue reading

Angel, Second Class

Sunday mornings are anything but easy here. It is the only day I look in the mirror after the tub. I try to dress like a girl instead of my usual yoga pants and brown, black or gray shirt. I do more than a mom knot in my hair and I wear a bit of … Continue reading

The Dairy Queen

I moved to a small town in Wisconsin. A really, really small town. Sometimes I think I feel a bit more lonely in this town of 300 than I have in any other. Most of the folks grew up together and their parents grew up together and their grandparents and so on…. One Sunday afternoon … Continue reading