Bridal Shower Pennant Banner

I am not the crafty one in the family. Amy has vision, talent and patience that I just do not own. I wanted to make a few things to tie the shower all together.  This was a casual get together –Not a fantasy pinteresting extravaganza. I had a budget of almost $0 so I put … Continue reading

Bridal Shower Tea Party

I have a new friend–Let’s call her Cheery. She has a son and a daughter both getting married this year. Funny how I have potty train Eli on my summer bucket list. Early bloomer meet late bloomer. She was talking about throwing a shower–I jumped at the chance to help  take over. Aww, ain’t they sweet!?! … Continue reading

To Infinity (Scarves) And Beyond

I use to live in a relatively good-sized city on the eastern side of the state of Iowa. I went to a huge church that I dearly loved and did most of my growing (spiritually) there. When we moved for a job two years ago to north central Iowa I was grieved at the loss … Continue reading

We’re goin’ SNOWnuts

I cheated–December was too busy for me. I have tried to send special school snack that are fun and healthy this year–I skipped December. Trimming the tree, shopping, wrapping, baking, cards…all of that plus a little time to be jolly left me running on empty. Noah had to do a report on Neil Armstrong so … Continue reading

I am breaking up with you PlayDate

When I had but one son, we lived in a wonderful neighborhood and playdates happened. My house, their house, a park or a playground. Sometimes I would make a fancy, yummy lunch for us Mommies and nugs or mac and cheese for the kids and great times were had by all. We got so good … Continue reading

Frosty the Cold Day

This week school was closed because of the cold. Not snow, just cold. So far below zero here in Wisconsin that it is colder than the South Pole. I was ready for the boys to go back to school after Christmas and I feared us all being inside for days on end…I made a plan … Continue reading

Pinterest Christmas Party

I really enjoy the idea of crafting and creating. I also attempt many projects with a hopeful spirit. I got invited to a Pinterest Christmas Party. I paid $10 to the hostesses and they bought the items needed and led us through the crafts. You were supposed to bring a snack to share but I … Continue reading

First Class Christmas

I am old fashion. I still write Christmas Cards. My list is shorter than it once was. I have my address book, old addresses crossed out. I pause and remember lost loved ones whose names are still in my book. I still have a few folks not on fb or email that I send cards … Continue reading

Treasures in Heaven

Hi!  This is “the Hubs” aka the angry editor of one of the sisters’ posts, Sara. I have been invited to share a story with thesisterslice readers.  Sitting in church last Sunday, Sara and I heard an announcement that they were looking for volunteers to rake leaves in the yards of community members, most of … Continue reading