Sara’s Favorite Slices…

I am a blogger! Yeah, I am a blogger! I love our blog and have really enjoyed this last year. I have a chance to show you my top 10 posts. I hope you enjoy! All my Hero’s are Human…my Paula Deen 2 cents I just wanted to weigh in on the hot topic of the … Continue reading

Easy & Delish Breakfast Casserole

Happy New Year Slicers! It was a busy and wonderful Holiday season for the Hubby and I, and we are looking forward to 2014. We were blessed to be able to spend time in Iowa and Florida with both of our families this Christmas. We had a lot of laughs, love and of course, good food. I have been indulging … Continue reading

The perfect cookie

Martha used to be my Hero. I would study her mags like a textbook and search for the perfect recipe for whatever I was making. I would  practice and sometimes I did produce the perfect cookie, craft, side dish or drink. Now a days I am doing 3 things at once, listening, teaching, cleaning, saving, … Continue reading

A little Thanksgiving bite

Once upon a time ago I was the lunch lady at a small Christian school for a semester. I developed the recipes, shopped for the food and made EVERYTHING from scratch. I did this because at the time my 2 little girls went to school there and they needed someone. There was one dish in … Continue reading

November School Snacks to Gobble

This year I am trying to make something special for my kids school snacks each month. My kids really like searching for our next project and we count and sort and talk and laugh and nibble while we are doing them each month. This month after our pinterest  pins were reviewed we picked Ice-cream Cone … Continue reading

…..Foodie Penpals

I don’t get many surprises these days. A treat for me is going to WalMart alone. I saw one of my blog buddies posted about her foodie penpal with a link to . I clicked and within a blink I was signed up. Rules are simple and communication great! I started shopping and thinking about what … Continue reading

Catching up

My hubs works nights–always has and maybe always will. Since the stooges arrived one by one,we seem to pass like ships in the night. Finishing a sentence without an interruption is almost impossible. Last Saturday, the Hubs showed up with a big box of Honey Crisp “seconds”–the homely sisters of the Honey Crisp primes.  We … Continue reading

Blogust, 2013

When my Grandparents would ask me to set the time on their VCR it made me feel really special, smart and technologically advanced. Somehow over the last 25 years I fell behind until recently… Thanks to apps on my iPhone and Rhonna Designs I was able to make the image above to highlight the best of … Continue reading