My first Date

I was a strange kid! So glad I am normal now,err sorta. I was born in Kankakee, Illinois. There was not a lot going on there in the 80’s. There  was 1 place off of the last exit on Interstate 57– The Redwood Inn  it was not a Buffet it was a SMORGASBOARD! It seemed … Continue reading

Chinese Green Beans – “sisterslice” style

When I visit a Chinese buffet (which admittedly is quite often, especially when my msg levels feel dangerously low) I head straight for those long, seasoned, glistening green beans. I’m a green bean lover anyway, I’ll eat em right out of a can when I get a chance even. I was craving them this week and … Continue reading

A Serving of Garlic Breath…

I’ve wanted to try this recipe for eva but didn’t. Until It was two days before pay-day and I was running out of options. I have a bag of garlic (yes, a 1 1/4 lb bag – I heart garlic) and a whole chicken (which I can’t touch without gloves). A bag of frozen peas … Continue reading

Nervous Breakdown before Dinner

Yesterday started like every other. Up and at’em early, coffee, breakfast, swattin’ (flies that is). I got a lot done and I took a nap with the baby! The hubs took the boys over town on errands and the baby and I were gonna spend the afternoon cooking and cleaning–the usual. It started out great. … Continue reading