Bridal Shower Pennant Banner

I am not the crafty one in the family. Amy has vision, talent and patience that I just do not own. I wanted to make a few things to tie the shower all together.  This was a casual get together –Not a fantasy pinteresting extravaganza. I had a budget of almost $0 so I put … Continue reading

You are the bubbles to my bath – FREE Printable

I started decorating the girls bathroom and knew what I wanted. I took inspiration from and painted the walls a deep navy all because I had a brass light fixture…. The girls think it’s gold and I’m not about to squelch their colorful imagination. This bathroom is in the lower level and has literally gone … Continue reading

100 things to do this summer

Go bowling Eat frozen custard Catch fireflies Eat snowcones Pick blackberries Pick blueberries Go swimming Go to Wisconsin Drink fresh squeezed lemonade Make homemade salsa Play croquet Star gaze Write a poem Farmer’s market Build a bird house Paint furniture Go to Kansas City (Go Chiefs) – Visit some friends and enjoy the day at … Continue reading

Summer Schedule – 8 days a week

Some times summer days are long. Long in a sweet, wonderful, enjoy every relaxing moment sort of way. Sometimes the days are long in a, “I’m checking the calender to see when the first day back to school is” way. It’s been my experience that when I don’t have at least an outline of what … Continue reading

Silhouette of Lionel Richie, a how to…

This is a tutorial of how to paint a  silhouette of Lionel Richie on canvas … I mean – my soon to be 2 year old, Lyla Grace. I thought her silhouette would look great against the back drop of the “fruit stripe” gum wall I painted in her new bedroom at the convent. This is … Continue reading

A year of mantlescapes

I don’t know about you, but since I was a little girl I dreamed of getting married and having a home of my own. I also dreamed about being a prosecuting attorney by day and a female police officer by night but that was only thanks in part to 80’s television dramas such as, LA … Continue reading