A Birthday Bonfire

I am lucky to have some amazing in-laws. We are a close-knit family and like to have fun and celebrate together. When my M-I-L’s birthday rolled around last week, we let her decide on what to do – nice dinner out, shopping, spa day? She decided on a bonfire and weeny roast with the fam (one … Continue reading

Sara’s Favorite Slices…

I am a blogger! Yeah, I am a blogger! I love our blog and have really enjoyed this last year. I have a chance to show you my top 10 posts. I hope you enjoy! All my Hero’s are Human…my Paula Deen 2 cents I just wanted to weigh in on the hot topic of the … Continue reading

15 years of party-ing like it’s 1999

2 things stand out when I reminisce about my wedding anniversaries of days gone by. The first is that it’s ALWAYS bitter cold and there is usually white stuff on the ground. The second is that I’m recovering from a surgery. Oh and I also buy new drawers and such online (can’t pass up those … Continue reading

Frosty the Cold Day

This week school was closed because of the cold. Not snow, just cold. So far below zero here in Wisconsin that it is colder than the South Pole. I was ready for the boys to go back to school after Christmas and I feared us all being inside for days on end…I made a plan … Continue reading

Easy & Delish Breakfast Casserole

Happy New Year Slicers! It was a busy and wonderful Holiday season for the Hubby and I, and we are looking forward to 2014. We were blessed to be able to spend time in Iowa and Florida with both of our families this Christmas. We had a lot of laughs, love and of course, good food. I have been indulging … Continue reading