My first Date

I was a strange kid! So glad I am normal now,err sorta. I was born in Kankakee, Illinois. There was not a lot going on there in the 80’s. There  was 1 place off of the last exit on Interstate 57– The Redwood Inn  it was not a Buffet it was a SMORGASBOARD! It seemed … Continue reading


My cousins were really my first friends, In my family we had 2 groups of cousins 10 years apart. I had my cousins my age and then 10 years later I got a new group and a new sister…. I remember a snow storm in January and my Gramma Betty called and told us Lindz … Continue reading

She is like “Buttah”

What is a friend? Is it someone you “hang” with? Is it someone you have a lot in common with, share a hobby or live next door to? I want to tell you about a friend I have. A friend I have had for more than 30 years. I friend I hadn’t seen face to … Continue reading

My fish stick Aunt

Since I can remember there has always been a holiday of sorts when my Aunt and her family came “home”. Christmas was defined as when the J’s could be there or not. My Aunt, a nice gal from Kankakee and her family traveled the world while Uncle C was in the Air Force. When she … Continue reading