To Infinity (Scarves) And Beyond

I use to live in a relatively good-sized city on the eastern side of the state of Iowa. I went to a huge church that I dearly loved and did most of my growing (spiritually) there. When we moved for a job two years ago to north central Iowa I was grieved at the loss … Continue reading

I am breaking up with you PlayDate

When I had but one son, we lived in a wonderful neighborhood and playdates happened. My house, their house, a park or a playground. Sometimes I would make a fancy, yummy lunch for us Mommies and nugs or mac and cheese for the kids and great times were had by all. We got so good … Continue reading

I am going to a Gala…

The hubs came home a few weeks ago with an invite. An invite to a “Gala” celebrating the 30th anniversary of something or other. It is swanky, in Madison on a night he is off.  Now without Googling it–I am pretty sure a “Gala” is somewhere between a Cocktail Party and a Royal Ball and … Continue reading

When Skies are Gray…Part 1

Like everyone else we have trials here at the Hanson Mansion. I complain about noise and mess and work…too much. I still have little kids and the outside world rarely and gently touches us. Last week on the way to the Dairy Bar for lunch and ice cream and fun–we got word of an accident, … Continue reading

Happy Mothers Day!

The Sisters are taking today off to enjoy time with family. We think this is the one and only Holiday that does not require preparation, effort and clean up on our part! Thanks to the children  that made us Mommas. Thanks to the Momma that made us Sisters. Thanks to the Husbands that put up with … Continue reading