To Infinity (Scarves) And Beyond

I use to live in a relatively good-sized city on the eastern side of the state of Iowa. I went to a huge church that I dearly loved and did most of my growing (spiritually) there. When we moved for a job two years ago to north central Iowa I was grieved at the loss … Continue reading

A Birthday Bonfire

I am lucky to have some amazing in-laws. We are a close-knit family and like to have fun and celebrate together. When my M-I-L’s birthday rolled around last week, we let her decide on what to do – nice dinner out, shopping, spa day? She decided on a bonfire and weeny roast with the fam (one … Continue reading

Dreamlife presents – How to train your Babysitter

A hapless middle-aged mother desperately searches for a quality babysitter she becomes the unlikely friend of the young babysitter herself and learns there may be more to the babysitter than she assumed. The story takes place in a mythical/messy parenting world where a neurotic mother named Amy aspires to follow her dreams of going shopping … Continue reading

Happy Father’s Day

Without the Fathers in our lives we wouldn’t have the chance to be wives, mothers, home keepers. No one to cook for, no one to cuddle, no messes to clean up, no one to swat at, no money to support our lifestyles, no love…. Thanks for fathering and being fathers to these little souls, we … Continue reading

Some messes I can’t clean up

I am a Mom–Manager of messes. I am the one that runs toward the vomiting child at the top of the bouncy slide in a crowded Madison shopping mall or  towards the child that sneezed with a mouthful of spaghetti even when I am wearing white pants or even towards the child that exclaims loudly … Continue reading

Why we love Lilacs

When we were young, we lived in an old house on the south side of Kankakee, IL. Our shared bedroom was in a converted  porch surrounded with windows. Outside of those window were 3 different, giant lilacs bushes. When the weather warmed and we would sleep with the windows open, every time the breeze would … Continue reading

Happy Mothers Day!

The Sisters are taking today off to enjoy time with family. We think this is the one and only Holiday that does not require preparation, effort and clean up on our part! Thanks to the children  that made us Mommas. Thanks to the Momma that made us Sisters. Thanks to the Husbands that put up with … Continue reading