Coffee, Tea and Me

I started drinking coffee at the ripe old age of 11. I used to ride a church bus early on Sunday mornings to pick up kids for Sunday school. That old bus never warmed up! I would get a cup ‘o burnt Amoco coffee just to warm my fingers…. I love coffee. I remember my … Continue reading

I am breaking up with you PlayDate

When I had but one son, we lived in a wonderful neighborhood and playdates happened. My house, their house, a park or a playground. Sometimes I would make a fancy, yummy lunch for us Mommies and nugs or mac and cheese for the kids and great times were had by all. We got so good … Continue reading


My cousins were really my first friends, In my family we had 2 groups of cousins 10 years apart. I had my cousins my age and then 10 years later I got a new group and a new sister…. I remember a snow storm in January and my Gramma Betty called and told us Lindz … Continue reading

National Treasure

This is my Dad and I. This photo seems like it was a million years ago. I think this is why I have a soft spot for the National Guard. Our Church gave us a challenge a few weeks ago. It actually handed out money to some folks and encouraged the rest to look for … Continue reading