Bridal Shower Tea Party

I have a new friend–Let’s call her Cheery. She has a son and a daughter both getting married this year. Funny how I have potty train Eli on my summer bucket list. Early bloomer meet late bloomer. She was talking about throwing a shower–I jumped at the chance to help  take over. Aww, ain’t they sweet!?! … Continue reading

To Infinity (Scarves) And Beyond

I use to live in a relatively good-sized city on the eastern side of the state of Iowa. I went to a huge church that I dearly loved and did most of my growing (spiritually) there. When we moved for a job two years ago to north central Iowa I was grieved at the loss … Continue reading

Pinterest Christmas Party

I really enjoy the idea of crafting and creating. I also attempt many projects with a hopeful spirit. I got invited to a Pinterest Christmas Party. I paid $10 to the hostesses and they bought the items needed and led us through the crafts. You were supposed to bring a snack to share but I … Continue reading

Rudolf’s Roll Up…dip

Red Neck Sushi…We called them pickle wraps where I come from. I hate makin ’em and love eatin ’em! I prowl around Pinterest and I saw this and thought–“Why didn’t I think of that? This is soooo easy…Diced ham–left over or “boughten”. I love having this on hand–omelets, quesadillas, with fried taters or on a … Continue reading

A Pilgrim Party

I wish I was in 2nd grade again. How fun to learn about the 13 colonies, eat a snack mid morning and dress up like a Pilgrim or an Indian for the day. My middle’s amazing teacher invited me to help with A Pilgrim Party. I was tasked with the craft so I quickly pulled … Continue reading

Flutter-by School Snacks

I pin. I pin a lot on Pinterest. Most things are just inspiration, some are dreams that will never come true. I have tried a few things. Some are Pintrocities, some Pinterific…This is one… The Butterfly You will need Clothes Pins (wood or plastic) Fuzzy Sticks aka Pipe Cleaners Zip Top Sandwich bags Marker Snack … Continue reading

Silhouette of Lionel Richie, a how to…

This is a tutorial of how to paint a  silhouette of Lionel Richie on canvas … I mean – my soon to be 2 year old, Lyla Grace. I thought her silhouette would look great against the back drop of the “fruit stripe” gum wall I painted in her new bedroom at the convent. This is … Continue reading

This quiche (sham) rocks!

I was perusing Pinterest yesterday looking for some pinteration and I saw this shamrock shaped Quiché. I was all like, “I’m gonna make this and sisterslice  it up” I love “themed” food and decorations to match the season or holiday. Just you wait until I share photos and “how to’s” from birthday parties gone by. … Continue reading