Sochi (Russian) Chili

Did you watch the Olympics? I only clicked on links that showed pics of the “toilet” situation and Bob Costas’ pink eyes… Then it reminded me of a recipe… My BFF married into a family that actually has a “secret” family recipe. One day during a “play” date, she (the BFF) was talking about how she … Continue reading

Pan Pizza…sorta

I picked this at the grocery this week. This was a friday night regular at our house when I was a kid and I thought it would be fun. So it is time for dinner and I realize…I don’t have any pans. I mean I used all my cookie sheets and pizza pans for the … Continue reading

Chinese Green Beans – “sisterslice” style

When I visit a Chinese buffet (which admittedly is quite often, especially when my msg levels feel dangerously low) I head straight for those long, seasoned, glistening green beans. I’m a green bean lover anyway, I’ll eat em right out of a can when I get a chance even. I was craving them this week and … Continue reading

Friday Faves – Amy’s top 10 of 2013

Almost a whole year bloggin’ with my sisters. It’s been a chronological scrapbook of sorts, a hobby, a place for me to escape, learn, stretch and grow. Speaking of learned – we’ve learned a lot but have so much more knowledge to gain. Us sisters get the opportunity to leave behind all of our responsibilities … Continue reading

Playoff Packer Pizza

Football–I knew what it was growing up–I was smack dab in the middle of Chicago Bears territory. It was something in the background on Sunday afternoons. I got excited when they were in the Super Bowl….We ain’t here to start no trouble, we just came to do the Super Bowl Shuffle. Well now I am … Continue reading

Easy & Delish Breakfast Casserole

Happy New Year Slicers! It was a busy and wonderful Holiday season for the Hubby and I, and we are looking forward to 2014. We were blessed to be able to spend time in Iowa and Florida with both of our families this Christmas. We had a lot of laughs, love and of course, good food. I have been indulging … Continue reading

Pinterest Christmas Party

I really enjoy the idea of crafting and creating. I also attempt many projects with a hopeful spirit. I got invited to a Pinterest Christmas Party. I paid $10 to the hostesses and they bought the items needed and led us through the crafts. You were supposed to bring a snack to share but I … Continue reading

The perfect cookie

Martha used to be my Hero. I would study her mags like a textbook and search for the perfect recipe for whatever I was making. I would  practice and sometimes I did produce the perfect cookie, craft, side dish or drink. Now a days I am doing 3 things at once, listening, teaching, cleaning, saving, … Continue reading