We celebrate

The reason we’re here

Girl’s weekend

Happy Valentines Day!

1972 was a really good year

24601 – the recipes 

Chicken Parmesan Valjean bites

French Onion Eponini

I dreamed a dreamcicle…

Mashers of the house

24601 – the recap

4 Season’s school snacks

This Quiche (Sham) Rocks!

Oz Great and Powerful brunch

Top O’ the mornin’ to you

I’ve got your pot of gold right here

He’s alive… on my mantel

not bad for an old egg

When we all get together

Happy Mother’s Day

The sisterslice pickle salad with potatoes, it’s kind of a big deal

We are going to turn a “We should” into a “We did!” Family Reunion 2013

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