We eat

If the ham only costs $3 shouldn’t you buy it?

Chubby, taken and ready for some bacon

Pot roast

Daddy’s make the best breakfast

No, I didn’t grate fresh nutmeg in the batter

When life gives you peppers – stuff em


24601 – the recipes

Chicken Parmesan Valjean bites

French Onion Eponini

Tonight I try Thai on a Tuesday

Mashers of the House

I dreamed a dreamcicle…

24601 – the recap

A big ole bowl of Bambi

Cure for the common cold

This quiche (sham) rocks

4 season school snacks

The Quiet Man

“S” is for shenanigans

Oz the Great and Powerful brunch

Reuben, Rachel & a Remix

Mama Mia, Papa Pia

I got your pot of gold right here

Between Mayberry and Mayhem

When we all get together

Farm food – the original “organic”

beans and greens

My date with an Amish chicken

Sloppy Joe Cassarole

How country boys and I celebrate Cinco de Mayo = Burrfajaco

Trader Joe’s tuna is too, too good

Black and White (Chicken Chili that is)

The mushroom whisperer

Oh the glory of Chicken Cacciatore!

Finger Lickin Kickin Fried Chicken!

In my world-meatballs mean “I Love You”

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