Bridal Shower Tea Party

Geddes_Anne_-_Bride_and_Groom_jtI have a new friend–Let’s call her Cheery. She has a son and a daughter both getting married this year. Funny how I have potty train Eli on my summer bucket list. Early bloomer meet late bloomer. She was talking about throwing a shower–I jumped at the chance to help  take over.


Aww, ain’t they sweet!?!

vintage tea party

Thursday I will show you the decorations and then later this week I will share the menu and recipes.

I had such a nice time.  20 gals, every age all gathered in a sunny, warm family room. Our cheeks flushed from laughing. It felt good. Talking about our own weddings. The dresses and flowers and cakes and for a moment we were all brides again, for just a moment, feeling the fresh excitement that a wedding brings. Some had been married for months, some more years than I have been alive– all coming together for this simple, old fashion, rite of passage. We oohed and ahhed at dish towels and crock pots. We talked about our silliest fight–and laughed at our silliness. I enjoyed so much watching the bride to be sitting in the chair doing the same thing we have all done, being the same girl we have all been.

So until next time–here is a sneak peek.

Did I mention it was a surprise?

Sincerely, Sara

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