Wisconsin’s Got Talent (Iowa and Texas does too!)

I planned and planned and a bit of magic happened at our Family Reunion this week that was none of my doing. My niece Lucy created, organized , preformed and emceed the Family Reunion Talent Show. I was in the middle of making a Fiesta lunch and I was summoned to a show in the front yard–this is what I found…


She was calm and organized and professional! The first act in our Family Variety Hour was Lily Sienfeld…the resident comedienne. She loved the spotlight and worked the crowd!

Did you hear the one about???

Did you hear the one about???

The only problem with her was she wouldn’t quit….

We needed a hook to get her off the stage...the broom worked too!

We needed a hook to get her off the stage…the broom worked too!

Once the crowd was warmed up, my Noah entertained us with a recycle bin drum solo…

He's got the beat

He’s got the beat

Now it was the Gals from Texas to give us a few sassy dance numbers…

Call me maybe?!

Call me maybe?!

another dance number

another dance number

Then my middle child was up…a little stage fright took over.

JoJo is shy

JoJo is shy

Finally, Lucy took the stage and performed “My Heart Will Go On” on the recorder…

Celine Dion

Celine Dion

That was not the end tho–everyone had to take a bow (except Jonah still hiding in the bushes)

Take a bow

Take a bow

And then Baby Lyla did her trick….



And the talent show was a big success.

Why was this so special? Aside from the cute kids acting cute, we took time to celebrate childhood. The wonder and fearlessness and happiness of being a child. They loved our applause and drank in the approval and for a few moments time stood still in rural Wisconsin and memories were made, memories to last a lifetime.

Celebrate the treasure all around you and give your family a little time….

Sincerely, Sara

5 thoughts on “Wisconsin’s Got Talent (Iowa and Texas does too!)

  1. My favorite part is when that picture with the caption Calian Dion or whatever is I’m doing the recorder and Lyla is in the background with the broom and it looks like she is going to push me off the stage with it. I started laughing at that picture and Aunt Sara looked at me like I was coo-coo. I told her about the picture and she smile. I laughed for a minute.

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