The world’s best chicken noodle soup! At least that is what my kid’s tell me.


I’ve served my kids all kinds of meals. Most of the time they are received with, “What is it?”,”I don’t like that!” or “Oh Gross!!”

But when I serve up my semi homemade chicken noodle soup they sing my praises for days, which is odd because it is packed with lean protein and veg, all in warm salty goodness. Anyway, it goes over so well I make it at least 3 times a month. Even in the heat of summer.

Weather or whether you spend the day shoveling snow or splashing in the pool, this meal tastes like home.

After I give my plump, naked little chicken a bath I lower him into a dutch oven and cover him with room temp tap water.

Don’t forget to season – kosher salt, cracked black pepper and some basil, thyme, rosemary.


I let it cook for an hour or so (thawed) I just love the way my house smells when there is a chicken on the stove. I started it at 10am so that it will be done by 3pm. I need to let the chicken cool so I can pull the meat and put it all together before dinner.

After the chicken is out and cooling I cut the celery, white onion and parsley. I cheat and buy shredded carrots. There are no exact amounts.  After those cook for about 20 minuets and the broth begins to boil I throw in a bag of Reams noodles. I forgot to mention I supplement some boxed chicken broth to the pot since my chicken boiling didn’t make enough for a big batch of soup.

I remove the skin from my boiled chicken remove the white and dark (this makes it taste better) and chop into chunks. I add it back in after the noodles are done and top with chopped fresh curly parsley.

I just love sitting down to a dinner where there are more oooh’s and ahhh’s then ewwww’s!  Everyone leaves the table with full bellies and big smiles and that is chicken soup for this Momma’s soul.


Honestly, Amy

3 thoughts on “The world’s best chicken noodle soup! At least that is what my kid’s tell me.

  1. mmmmm…this looks so good and medicinal and my throat hurts!! If you lived closer I would beg you to bring me a cup! xoxo

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